Phyt'Skin Renov 

Chemical Peel

PHYT’Skin Rénov –  60mins X 4 Treatment 

First "chemical" peel certified Organic, a skin renovator with Glycolic Acid of Natural Origin, for Soft, Smooth, and Radiant skin.
Phyt’Skin Rénov is a comprehensive skincare treatment, combining naturality and effectiveness, based on a concept matching professional treatment and at home preparation for optimal effectiveness and quick visible results. This gentle & non invasive treatment works on the superficial layer of the skin to give you the best result with no downtime.




Glycolic Acid

Type Of Skin : Dull skin, tired, ageing.
Recommended frequency : 4 treatment sessions with 1 session every week.



Smoothed skin 90%
Refined skin texture 95%
Reduced imperfections 80%
Skin is revitalized 100%

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Price List :

Full Course                 € 350   (4 Treatment + Home kit)   

Single Treatment        €75

Home Kit                    €77

Course must be paid in full on the first session or half at the first treatment, second half on the following treatment